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I found this in fb. The girl give the link to her blog and I think I would like to try it...
I bet the result is super funny..
Now let's start... Kaja uri? ^^

First, the top 12 of K-Pop idols that I love the most. As for the non K-Popers, you can try this with your own version, but it will be a little bit weird since the questions are related to K-Pop life...

Here we go!!!

1- Tiffany
2- Jessica
3- Yuri
4- Taeyeon
5- Yoona
6- Hyoyeon
7- Sooyoung
8- Sunny
9- Seohyun
10- Amber
11- Krystal
12- Ji Yoon

*have you ever read a six/eleven fanfic before?
No...that would be awkward.... HyoStal?? XD

*do you think four is hot? how hot?
Have you watch her Hush Hush performance? Or better yet, her Lady Marmalade with Tiffany? Gawd, Taeng please come into my dream tonight... ><

*what would happen if twelve and eight started going out?
Another unusual couple... The only SNSD/4Minute pairing I know is...wait. There isn't. But I've read Gayoon/Jessie pairing... Jiyoon is kinda underated I guess. 

*do you recall any fics about nine?
The latest is YoonHyun *coughsmutcough* 
Gawd....don't make me recall that.... ><

*would two and six make a good couple?
HyoSic... The former roommate. They will,I guess. But that's not their strong pairing. But still, they make a good one. ^^

*five/nine or five/ten?
omigosh omigosh..... FIVE/NINE OF COURSE!!! YOONHYUN FTW!!!  ><
I love YoonBer, but I only see them as tomboys sisters... ^^

*what would happened if seven walked in on two and eightkissing?
There will be two possibilities. Whether a " GET A ROOM,YOU TWO!" shout is heard or Syoung will get jealous. And there will be another two reasons. It's whether because Jessica kiss Sunny or because Sunny kiss Jessica... Hmmm.... SooSun or SooSic?? No, I choose SooSun. So that's mean Syoung is angry because Jessica kiss Sunny... ^^

*make up a summary of a three/ten fanfic
Oh gawd YulBer... This reminds me of their collabo for 1, 2 Step... ><
Err....hurrmmm.... How bout this?

Yuri is talking with Amber when Jessica came. Jessica thought Amber is Yuri's "boyfriend" and that crushes her chance to confess to Yuri because she thought Yuri didn't swing that way. Yuri tries to call Jessica but the latter avoid her. Then one day, Amber shows up at Jessica's house. Jessica is shocked, but she is more shocked when her sister Krystal went straight to Amber and kiss her. Jessica started to attack on Amber. At the same time, the can't-take-it-any-longer Yuri arrived and saved Amber. Jessica started yelling at her saying how dumb of her to let her boyfriend cheat in front of her eyes. That's when Yuri realize everything. She basically drag Jessica into her house after asking KryBer to go. Yuri cleared all the confusions and straightly confess to Jessica. YulSic and KryBer live happily ever after...

Haha....this sucks.... ><

*is there any thing as one/eight fluff?
2Ny??? The eye-smiling couple??? Gawd, they can be really sweet to each other if people not only focusing on TaeNy or Yulsic only. Plus, they are the official couple. ^^

*suggest a tittle for a seven/twelve hurt/comfort fic?
ermmm...none. It's kinda hard to find any 4ShiDae fanfic since they are not connected in any way.

*does any on your friend list have the same name as three?
Haha...Yuri?? Aniyo.... But the name sounds beautiful...  ^^

*does anyone on your friend list draw or write eleven?
ermmm... Does friends on Twitter count here?? Haha... There is this nam-dongsaeng of mine that claiming Krsytal is him and he also writes. Jon, I didn't recalled you writes KryBer,aite?? Only JungCest and KrysFany... Oh, KrysYul?? Hmm...

*have you ever read any two/four/five?
Hmmm... As in threesome??? XD
No, but the pairing, yes. TaengSic, YoonSic, and YoonTae. 

*what might ten scream at a great moment of passion?
Whatever it is, I bet Amber will scream it manly.. XD

*if you wrote a songfic about eight, what song would you use?
I tends to be sentimental when it comes to member like Sunny. She always shows her bright personality, being the energizer bunny that everyone loves. But deep in herself, I know how tired she is. So I'll use Lonely by 2NE1. (They are not even my bias)

*if you wrote a one/six/twelve fic what would the warning be?
Awkwardness overloaded. Even though Tiff said that she would like to learn Hyo's gag sense, but I don't think Ji Yoon will blend too well with them.

*what will be a good pick up line for ten to use on two?
Haha...Amber hitting on Jessie?? She will be dead the second Jessica unleash her icy glare. And of course, KRYSTAL NO APPROVE THIS! ><

*1 and are in a happy relationship until 5 runs off with 9. after 8 dumps for 126 gets upset and retaliates by dating12. alone and broken-hearted, 1 travels in search of a friend. finally, 1 meets 4 and 7. the three loners meet 10, who tells each of them to look for love. 4 finds 3gets 11, and 1 finds fellow loner 2 and both of them fall in love!

Tiffany and Sunny are in a happy relationship until Yoona runs off with Seohyun. after Sunny dumps Tiffany for Ji Yoon, Hyoyeon gets upset and retaliates by dating Ji Yoon. alone and broken-hearted, Tiffany travels in search of a friend. finally, Tiffany meets Taeyeon and Sooyoung. the three loners meet Amber, who tells each of them to look for love. Taeyeon finds Yuri, Sooyoung gets Krystal, and Tiffany finds fellow loner Jessica and both of them fall in love!

Homai...homai... JETI FTW!!! Oh my JeTi heart..... XD
TaeRi?? Haha...Yaoi.. XD  And YoonHyun... But,SooStal? That sounds weird... Amber, you a loner??
DATE ME then Joseph oppa....  ><

*what would be a good tittle for this?
I Found You...  ^^

*what would the genre(s) be?
Fluff... I love JeTi because they are extremely hot and fluffy....  XD

Oh god.... this is seriously fun..... XD

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Anonymous said...

1 NoEul
2 Jessica
3 Taeyeon
4 Sunye
5 Sunmi
6 Sunny
7 Yoona
8 Woori
9 SeungA
10 Yoobin
11 Sohee
12 Sooyoung


Ofcourse!! she can be hot and pure at the same time! her perfomance effing!!!!! COOL!!!

Sooyoung and SeungA?????
LMAO!!!!! RANDOM!! but it will be great.. both of them tall

No I havent read SeungA's fic

SunSica!! of course!! my fav couple too ^^

Sunmi/SeungA or Sunmi/Yoobin
Of course SunMi Yoobin!!!! XD

Yoona walked in and Jessica/Woori kiisng??
LMAO LMAO!! RANDOM!! Yoona probably will be Unnie? wae not Taeyeon? LMAO

Probably them as villager's friend :P GwangJU..

Noeul and Woori fluff?
OMG!! SURE!! THey r like the most popular pairing of Rainbow atm!! too much fluff!!! and my OTP!

Yoona Sooyoung??? hum... I saw one About SooNa's fic as schooler lovers XD

Taeyeon? Noo... >.<

Sohee? nope >.<

lol Jessica/Sunye/Sunmi? XD kuikui if threesome not.. but pair yes.. Jessica fall for Sunye but she dead and Sunmi is just SUnye's follower lol

Yoobin she will just rap XD

Woori..I'll write about her countless rejection but suceed after that :)

hum........ no warn coz no interaction LMAO XD

OMG Yoobin to Jessica???? of course Yoobin will use her SEXY ENGLISH!! this two can converse in english XD

NoEul and Woori are in a happy relationship until Sunmi runs off with SeungA. after Woori dumps NoEul for Sooyoung, Sunny gets upset and retaliates by dating Sooyoung. alone and broken-hearted, NoEul travels in search of a friend. finally, Noeul meets Sunye and Yoona . the three loners meet Yoobin, who tells each of them to look for love. Sunye finds Sunmi, Yoona gets Sohee, and Noeul finds fellow loner Jessica and both of them fall in love!