Monday, August 22, 2011

My Only...

I'm so boring right now...
Seriously got nothing to do, even though mom is making cookies outside and I still got 4 disc of the dvd to watch...
Even my sister is still sleeping beside me now... and both my younger sisters didn't go to school today... I think they forgot that PMR and UPSR are after raya... =__=

I was supposed to get a medical check up today at 2 pm,but mom said it's looks like it's gonna rain soon so...
Don't ask me why I didn't go in the morning... They thought that a medical check up is not important enough and only did it on afternoon.
Bongok,kalau aku mati kat UNIMAS nanti camner??? ><

So here I am, lazying on my bed. *play The Lazy Song*
Seriously every Monday is a Mournday... ><

Nevermind, I want to share some pics actually.

Don't say anything,just look and spazz. That's it,if you didn't die yet after looking at them.

So, here we go.


To read the full article, click here.

Now to ease your eyes a little bit, take a look at this angel.

Oh mai... bulan2 pose ni aku tgk gambar cenggini.... ><

This is for Tiffany birthday on 1st August.... credit to the owner of this fanart.

Too bad I didn't get to celebrate it fully since I didn't have my laptop. Only spamming using my phone and the next day, I had to send it for repair because of the rapping on  it's button too much. 
All Tiffanys are gathering together to see the message by Sone. Now, let's see if you can name which Tiffany is which. ^^ 
Well,hint?  Match these to the picture : Genie, Hoot, Baby Baby, Gee, Run Devil Run, Oh!, Mr. Taxi, Girls' Generation, Kissing You and Into The New World.

And why Tottoro,you asked? Simply because Tiffany loves Tottoro.

That doesn't sounds right....

Oh yeah, Tiffany loves Taeyeon.

Urrmmm....random macro because it's fasting month?? lol
Shik Sa Shi Dae is on the move,yo!
Well, basically it's only Yoong because the Shikshin is always hungry. XD

If you don't know what is the Shik Sa Shi Dae.... Have you ever heard of Google? Yeah,try that. =___=

Until later... 

sidenotes : The woman in the macro is the First Lady of Korea and they were inside of Blue House. If you switch Korea with US and Blue with White... Yeah,you got what I mean. The girls are freaking important,yo!!! XD
Another side notes, I SEE SUNYEON AND YOONHYUN!!!  XD

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