Saturday, August 20, 2011

A New Comeback


Hi everyone! ^^
Yeah... I know I've been gone for a looooooooong time. *as if there is anyone reading this* first,as I said in my last post,I got sick and after that I don't have the will to write anything. Then university things comes up to me. AND THEN,before I even settled all uni thingy, my laptop screen broke.

So that's mean no lappy for me. It only takes around a week to replace the screen, but I had to wait for a while since money is needed for university more. And I just got my laptop back yesterday so I thought I want to post something on this.

Yeah,you got that right. The new comeback is my comeback after a long time on this blog with a brand new screen. Everything is so clear now. XD
And yes, it's not about So Nyeo Shi Dae new comeback at all, even though I'm still thinking how to order the 3rd album this coming September comeback... Why they have to choose September,at least choose October,when I have settled down in university... ><

Hurmmm? What? University? It's nothing big but at least... I get to experience what it feels like in airplane.

Yesh!!!! I got UNIMAS!!!

You know, with 6 years of hostel life I thought I was ready for the new challenge.
But no, I cried the whole day when UPU result was announced. And I stay gloomy through the week. I didn't even tell my parents where I got. They even thought I didn't got anywhere. *how could you,mom... ><)
But at last,I told them after my outing to Times Square *again* this time with my cousins to watch the very last episode of Harry Potter. XD *ahem3Dahem*

So there is extra thing for me to think of than my other friends. The flight fares and how to go back every semester. Well, I'm pretty excited actually about this idea of going to the other side of Malaysia.

Right now I try not to think so much about leaving my family. I don't even excited of preparing the needs. The only thing I think of is how to bring all my stuffs there without the luggage exceeding 25 KG.

With the pillow (yes,they don't have pillow there) and laptop, it's already 3KG I guess. And there is no way I'm leaving all my album here. Lord knows what will happen to them when I come back in January next year.
And now with the addition of the posters and of course, the DVD with Phuket photobook, already sums up to 10 KG I guess. Wait, I think that's enough. I'm thinking of bring more clothes that necessities. Well,toiletries and facial things are exception.

Eh? Wanna see the albums and DVD?? Here you go.

I already put all these inside the luggage,except the DVD since I haven't watch the rest of 5 disc. I only managed to watch the first disc before my laptop broke. And right now I'm still waiting for my Into The New World Concert Tour DVD to arrive with it's poster. Mom told me to leave all these at home, so I need to 'smuggle' all these secretly. I'm still thinking of how to bring the poster tube without my mom seeing it.

It's not only that, I have to worry about other things too. I still haven't done my medical check-up yet, and all the documents that needs approval, well...let say I'm too lazy to do all that now. Maybe next week.
Right now I'm just too tired just being at home everyday. Just yesterday, I had to pick up my sister at KMPk and went to HEP to ask bout something. We start at 10 am,but I barely get enough sleep. Because earlier yesterday, mom woke up around 1 am something and I still haven't sleep yet. So she asked me to help her to change the leather mat. So I did. 

I lifted 2 freaking refrigerator for heaven sake! ><
And we finished it pretty late. Mom didn't sleep until sahur since she already sleep before but I barely got some sleep before she woke me again for sahur.

And now, here I am typing away while she already woke up to prepare for sahur. I really should get some sleep before she wakes me up at 5 later... So, see ya peeps.

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