Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy~~~ Haha...Hihi...Huhuuuuuuuu~~~ ^_^

Hi guys! ^^
I know I still didn't upload the pics of my outing to The Spring but seriously,life have been busy for me...
Hours of classes at faculty and only get back to room after 4 or 5pm... sometimes had to attend lab session at night... I just wanna die now.. haha...
But so far...I enjoyed my life here....My daily schedule is packed, but at least I got some time for myself too... And plus... PTPTN money had been credited today... XD

I just want to talk about the most anticipating thing for this month. No, not about iPhone 4s and also not someone's birthday or wha- wait... Today is my father's birthday!!! Along with my granny and my uncle. Yeah, my father have a twin and my granny gave birth to them on her birthday..  ^^
I already send him an edited picture wishing him a happy birthday but he still didn't reply me.. ><

Well, back to the topic.
Yeah, I'm waiting for the most anticipated comeback in history ever.
They should already promoting if not for the stupid decision to release the album in US as well.
SNSD's new album THE BOYS is coming!!!  XD

Seriously I'm so excited because they seems like only make a comeback once every year. Even Hoot was released in October as well so it almost a year since they promote in Korea.
It's not like I didn't like it if they went to Japan. But, it's hard to keep their track in Japan since Japan is so strict with their video that being uploaded to youtube. So I have to be very fast in downloading the show or else I'll missed it.

When I first saw the teaser pictures starting with Taeyeon, I was speechless.

Yeah, I know that "Beautiful and Luxurious" is the concept for this time.
Luxurious? Yes.
Beautiful? No.

I'm sorry Taeng but your style in this picture is just.... XD
And SM? I don't think this picture match my expectation of Snow White but whatever.

But then, the next day I was shocked as well with the other Danshins pictures, Hyoyeon and Sunny.

Hyoyeon just look so beautiful in here and at last, horrible hair style had escape her.
This Thumbelina is just cute...
She resembles Song Hye Kyo,right? And maybe a little bit of Hyomin. ^^

And this Danshin really caught me.

How can you be this cute, Sunny ah??? ><
I love this Cinderella, even though it reminds me of Angry Birds.  XD
And short blonde hair?? EPIC.

We thought that they are releasing the pictures according to the height (LOL) but the next day's pictures really caught us off guard.

Homai...homai Rapunzel Sooyoungie.... I love you!!!  ><
The way she laid down and the flow of her hair.. omo.... I'm crazy already... ><
Even though I hate to see that you only get to rest for one month after the accident, it's good to see you again. Please don't get hurt again,Shikshin... ><

And....what do we have here???
Jessie....seriously, you can't bring innocent concept that well. XD
But I still love you though. ^^
Well.... Swan Princess, don't kill that bird because you didn't get your precious sleep time,eh? ^^

And this!!!!
Yah Tiffany!!! Why do you have to inherit Hyo's horrible hair?? ><
But, I really love this concept on you.... Mermaid Fany??
SM really had been influenced by YoonYul.. Don't you know that Fany hates fish?? XD
Nonetheless waifu, I still love you, save for your hair. ><

Now the next day, many anticipated the final three of the teaser pictures, which consist of the triplets, Yuri, Yoona and Seohyun. SM is really a tease because they release it a lil bit later than usual.
But once Sone laid their eyes on the pictures, O.M.G.

Even though I never heard about The Red Shoes but...who cares? It's YURI!!!
Yuri, you look so hot....well,save for your hair too. haha...
But seriously, I LIKE!!! XD

All hails our Snow Queen...
Seohyun ah... you really grew up well.
I'm so proud of you, Maknae... ><

May I have the honour to be the Beast of your Beauty, Yoona???
You win my heart this time Yoong. (sorry Waifu ><)
I really love your pic.. gawd... ><
Look so fierce yet so elegant.
I love you, Yoongie... ^^

Seriously I will died some day because of SNSD only...
I don't know how but they really got me under their grasp... ^^

And the cover had been released too, but I don't really like it even though it looks like Perfect For You single.

And yes...... I spotted Royal Family in the pic..  XD TaeNy and YulSic is LOVE!!!  XD

But, who will reject SoShi in wedding dress??? :Q______________________

Can everyone of you like..... marry me at the same time???  ><
And again, Kim Family and Kwon Family stick together.  ^^

Wait... why the heck I'm still here instead of going to cafe and have my lunch since my stomach already do a remix?? Oh, whatever. I'll just finish this.

And the last thing, the packaging.

Yes, you see that right. This time, the album comes in tin case packaging. Aienbest unnie already planned to store her cookies in it. XD

I don't know who the heck is the brain behind all this idea but it's not that I'm complaining though. It's just that normal people won't ever thinking about this. Marketing students should really learn with SM staffs..  ^^

Oh,wait. Did I say the last?? wish.
I save the best for the last. That is, the caps from the teaser!!!  XD
Why am I so excited?? See it for yourself... (brb drooling)

Yoong you are so beautiful.... XD

Homai SeoLady... *dies*

Tiffany, you did not give this look to other people, you hear me?? *nosebleed*

Oh, hi GorJess.... I hate your dress, nuff said. XD

Oh my Leader.... Taengoo yah.... ><

Did you became taller after your backbone fractured, Syoungie?? Why you look so thin?? ><

Kwon Yuri stop giving me that look and stop seducing me!!  >< 

Omo Hyo why are you so hot??? ><

And lastly,


 Soo, where is your legs?? haha....
Another Sunny...

 And if you want to watch the teaser, check this out. It gained a million view less than a day and it's still increasing now. I really need to go n grab some food now before the cafe closed and open again at 4. ><
Till then, bye...  ^^v

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